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Looking to revamp your office? Maybe looking for writing or notice boards to use? Or maybe just a table tennis set for your new sports room. Then WKmarkets is just the place for you! With three different product names under WKmarkets, WKmarkets offers a diversity of equipment just for you.   

Under Wingkok, we have a wide range of products, from traditional Writing and Display Boards to Sports Equipment.

Under Vitrulan, we produce a wide variety of attractive wall coverings that are much sturdier than your average wallpapers, and we also provide customization services in order to fulfil your needs. And last but not least, Roysdium is an improved look on our standard whiteboards, making them look classier, and at the same time, last longer due to their better quality.

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What we have.

Wingkok - The Board Specialist
Vitrulan - We recreate your walls

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